I got this idea randomly. I don't own Time Warp Trio. I'm going to think up more ideas for this too.~Sherbert

You Know You’re Obsessed with Time Warp Trio When...

1. You’re constantly looking around for green mist

2. You quote Fred

3. ...every five minutes

4. Your most popular homework excuse is," My homework ate my cat."

5. You claim you can time travel

6. You actually can time travel

7. You own a book the looks almost exactly like
The Book

8. You own a book that looks exactly like The Book

9. You know more history than your history teacher

10. You do your hair like Samantha

11. ...even though your hair isn’t long enough

12. You refuse to do cave men impressions due to the fact you believe you’ll get warped to the Stone Age

13. You constantly compare people to Fred

14. You’ve had multiple dreams of Time Warp trio

15. When you’re eating fried food and someone says it’s not healthy, you reply:" But it’s going to be banned in the 22nd century, you might as well eat it anyway"

16. When you see those little sudoko squares, you press 2-1-0-5 in hopes of going to the future.

17. You have a crush on one of the characters

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