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Freddi Dec. 13th

 Freddi is not the bravest person in the world. She can be scaredy-cat like Sam. She is very smart. When she needs to she can be very brave. Her ideas are very good, such as using a hover disk instead of swimming through shark infested waters. She is also Fred's great-grandaughter, living in 2105.
paces; snakes; flight (jet AND inter-planetary); water; heights; stairs; deserts; going too fast; going too slow.
Bugs are not the greatest thing to her.

Fun Fact: Freddi's first word was spoon.
Episodes Freddi is in:2105,Sam Samurai,Lewis and Clark...and Jodie Freddi and Samantha,Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?,The Seven Blunders of the World,Birdman or Birdbrain?,Dude, Where's My Karma?,Breaking the Codex,The High and the Flighty(9 episodes total)