Ginny Sherbert

My name if you happen to be wondering is Shannon. I'm the one that came up this idea of having a Time Warp Trio fansite, since me and Duster love it so much!My favorites are:
Color: PURPLE!
Book: Any Harry Potter or Time Warp Trio book
Movie: Tie between The Prince of Egypt and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Me: Have you noticed how the fifth graders here are so small?
Jessica: Yeah. And so are the sixth and seventh graders.
*Andrew walks by*
Jessica: Except him.
Tzipporah: What are three doing?
Little girl: Trying to get the funny man out of the well.
Tzipporah:'Trying to get the funny man out of the well' I've never heard that one before*Sees Moses in the well*AH! Don't worry, we'll get you out!
*they pull Moses out of the well*
Tzipporah:*realizes they pulled Moses out of the well*You!*drops rope and Moses falls back into the well and Tzipporah walks away*
Little girl: And that's why papa says she'll never get married
Time Warp Trio charector: Sam, or all of them!
Song: Hmmm... Only Fooling Myself by Kate Voegele
Type of Waffle: What? Weird question, but I like Belgian Waffles
Time Warp Trio Episode: Break An Egg!
So there's my favorites! More about me: I like to act weird and write and draw and I(Obviuosly) LOVE Time Warp Trio!

McGonagal Duster

ujy7ftghjegfklopghfwreghZXVdgTranslated: my name is McGonagal Duster(But my name is Katie in real life!). I like pie and Time Warp Trio and pudding. Fred is awesome.
Color: Purple
Book: Summer Reading Is Killing Me!
Movie: The Prince of Egypt
If Sam marries Lakshmi, then Sam will be Joe's ancester. And then Joe will go all Samish. I don't want two Sams!~Fred
Time Warp Trio Character: Freddi
Song: The Plagues(From The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack)
Type of Waffle: Any type
Time Warp  Trio Episode: Seven Blunders of the World and Dude, Where's My Karma?
This thing at school was so funny. I was reading this book and then this funny part happened in the book. It was when Greg in this book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid, he accidentally went into the girls bathroom. And he thought it was the boys bathroom. It's kinda funny to me but to you it might not be.