You want to know the episodes? Even if you don't, here you go!!!!

The Not So Jolly Roger

Joe's uncle gives him a book. THE BOOK!! Anyway, Joe, Sam, and Fred accidently warp back to 1718 and meet Blackbeard the pirate. They also almost die multiple times and get sent to jail!


After Fred accidently warps Joe, Sam, and himself to the future, the boys find the future is pretty cool. They also almost die because of robot and run into 3 weird girls...

You Can't, But Genghis Khan

Joe, Sam, and Fred argue over what to eat for dinner. And when Sam places a takeout menu on The Book, it takes them to Outer Mongolia where they meet the young Genghis Khan. Oh, and the trio almost get ran over by horses and dress up as girls,too.


Anna warps the boys to Ancient Egypt, where they get a little too close with the mummifacation process...


When the boys accidently say a time travel haiku, The Book warps them to Acient Japan where they meet a samurai. And, the boys almost die many times yet again. And the girls are able to save them, because they're looking for Samntha's cat, Rivets.

See You Later, Gladiator!

After wrestling in Joe's kitchen, The Book warps Joe,Fred,and Sam to Ancient Rome. In Rome, they see the beautiful gladiators, who try to rip people's heads off. Also, there's this one gladiator that looks like Fred's brother.

Lewis and Clark...and Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha

Due to marshmallows, Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha are stuck in the wilderness of 1805 with Lewis and Clark.With The Book stuck to the butt of a bear, the girls are stuck with no choice but to tag along with The Corps of Discovery... or Samantha could do a bear call!

Viking It and Liking It

Why are the boys stuck on Leif Ericson's ship? It's all because of the Viking Smashfest videogame and Thursday.

Hey, Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?

Thomas Edison's ideas get stuck in Sam's head. And the boys warp to Brooklyn, at the end of the 19th century. They also encounter Freddi, and Samantha and Jodie(though Jodie and Samantha are holigraphic and on 2105 cellphone thing) and some dude with a baseball bat who wants to hurt them badly.

Me Oh Maya

While playing the fantastic game of basketball, Fred accidently warps the guys to an ancient ball game, called Ring Ball. Will the boys win the game or get sacrifised by Kakapuppahet?

The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy

When Joe accidently throws The Book, it warps them to the old west which Sam is right about. Fred and Joe learn that the old west isn't like is in the movies.

Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba

Fred and Joe warp to France in 1815, where Samantha happens to be with Sophie Blanchard. They encounter Napoleon and accidently change history a bit too much...

The Seven Blunders of the World

Joe,Fred, and Sam warp back to Ancient Babylon to find out who stole The Book. And they also meet some tiny lobsters. Oh, wait those are scorpions.

Jinga All the Way

After almost being decapatated, Sam and Fred join Jodie in Africa where Fred and Sam work for Jodie as her "servents". And Fred actually uses his brain!!!!

Birdman or Birdbrain?

After The Book gets some weird language that's NOT English, Fred,Freddi, and Samantha warp back to Easter Island to help Kai win the Birdman competition. But what happens when Kai isn't at the competition? It's time for plan Freddi!

Dude, Where's My Karma?

After Joe starts to slowly disappear, Sam and Fred warp back to help save his family tree! Oh and since Joe is disappearing, Jodie is too, so there's Samantha and Freddi trying to save her too! And we also learn who Mad Jack is.

My Big Fat Greek Olympics

It's Samantha's birthday!!! And guess what her present is? It's a plate of onion rings, a hat that makes her look like a dude, and getting warped back to the Ancient Greek Olympics! Oh, and the judges think she's a boy so she has to fill in for Glacus!

Wushu Were Here

Poor Sam, he gets stuck in The Book. And once again, Fred, Joe, and Anna warp back in time, get thrown in jail, somehow get out, and almost get killed!

What's So Great About Peter?

Sam grandpa tells Sam,Samantha, and Fred about this ruby his ancestor had. And Fred somehow manages to convince Sam and Samantha to go look for the gem and give to Sam's grandpa. But they almost get killed by Peter the Furious, oh wait Peter the GREAT.

The Caveman Catastrophy

After Fred does a caveman impression, he accidently warps himself, Sam, and Jodie to the Stone Age. And Jodie's binaculars do something funky to the space-time countinum, and they look a lot more like professional wrestlers...

Nightmare on Joe's Street

When Frankenstein's Monster starts destroying Joe's kitchen, Sam and Joe warp back to find Mary Shelley. They also run into Jodie, a vampire, and some of Mary's friends too.

Breaking the Codex

Freddi and Jodie suddenly warp Joe away to see Leonardo Da Vinchi. There they almost get killed, get throw in jail, and FLY?! Well, watch the episode...

Break An Egg

On a hot day, the boys go on a fantastic Antartican vacation. Featuring penguins, crevices, Mad Jack, Joe's diary, and weird dreams this is MY FAVORITE episode!

The High And Flighty

When the girls warp back to "save" Amelia Earhart, they figure someone's plotting against her. Or is it just where they stop for fuel? The world may never know...

Harem, Scare 'em

Jodie, Sam, and Fred go to Tokapi Palace to find a Time Map. They also meet Seleim and his monkey, Dimples.

Plaid to the Bone

Jodie comes for a visit! And Joe,Anna, and her go to Medievil Scotland!!!! Watch out for the trebuhet!!! And Mad Jack,too! Joe and Jodie get sent to the dungeon and meet...guess who? ME!!! No,not really:(