Cool Widgets
Everyone likes games, right? Well how about Time Warp Trio games? These links lead to the Time Warp Trio website games.
click here to play Sandwiches of Time a history quiz thing. It's pretty fun! The most sandwiches I've made is 41, try and beat my score!
click here to play Sound Detective. OH MY GOSH! This game is SO funny. The boys have gotten some sounds mixed up in them, and you need to put the sound back!
 click here to play Wordsplosion. This is where you can create your own poetry. It's actually pretty cool, and you can create crazy poetry.
click here to play Put It Back, Jack. Mad Jack has taken items from the space-time countinum and YOU have to put them back! Use your wits and Jodie's Plentifax to help put back those items!
click here to mess around with Jodie's Plentifax. You can use it for info or just to show off your knowlegde to your friends.
click here to do a Green Mist Mystery. The boys(or girls) have warped themselves somewhere and YOU have to help them get out! I've only finished Ring Zones and Scrambling for Eggs