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Chapter 1

The full moon hung peacefully, casting a silver glow over the grass. The air suddenly filled with green mist, and Joe, Sam, and Fred appeared.

“OK, where are we?” Fred asked

“I don’t know. I assumed you knew because you were messing with The Book,” Sam argued

“Do you expect me to know everything?” Fred complained.

“Well, no because your brain is so tiny it can’t compute what is going on,” Sam said

Fred glared at Sam. Then he remembered something. “Hey, Joe, do you still have The Book?”

Joe stood up, rubbing his arm. He’d hit a rock when he landed. “Yeah. C’mon. Let’s warp right out of here.”

He opened The Book to the Transporter Page, tapped a few buttons and green mist started leaking out of The Book.

The trio was engulfed by the mist.

But the cloaked female figure standing in the distance wasn’t.

“Darn,” she muttered.

She slipped a pocket watch out of her cloak and whispered a few Latin words. She was surrounded by a purple sphere and with a whoosh was gone.

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Chapter 2

Joe and Fred were busy playing the Wii when the doorbell rang. Joe paused the game and went downstairs to answer the door. He opened the door to a BIG surprise. Standing in the doorway were Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha. Joe was slightly surprised. He hadn’t seen the girls for 3 years, when he was 10. They had changed obviously. Samantha’s hair was now in a different style (down to her shoulders, and spikey on the ends), Jodie looked the same just taller, and Freddi looked almost the same her hair half-way down her back. Jodie had an odd worried look on her face, like she did when she thought the showdown was going to happen.

Actually they all looked worried, Joe realized.

“Um…hi guys. Want to come in?” Joe greeted.

Samantha nodded eagerly and the girls came in.

“Are you home alone?” Jodie asked nervously.

“Yeah, except Fred,” Joe answered.

Jodie whispered something in Freddi’s ear. Freddi nodded in response.

“We need Sam here, too,” Samantha said.

“Why do you need Sam?” Joe asked.

“Eh…You’ll see,” Samantha said, climbing up the stairs to Joe’s bedroom

Once in Joe’s bedroom, Joe called Sam on his cell phone. He tried to explain to Sam that Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha were here but someone was unlocking the front door. Joe handed his phone to Fred and went to see who it was.

Anna was carrying a big box full of who-knows-what.

“Joe, could you be the nice brother I know you are and help me with this box?” Anna asked, before she dropped it. Glass beads and a small green crystal spilled out of the box.

“Crud,” Anna muttered.

“What is that?” Joe asked

“Some box I found in my closet,” Anna answered.

“If it was in your closet, then why did you have to unlock the door?” Joe was confused

“I didn’t unlock the door. I came home early from Stacey’s to finish my homework. You and Fred were too busy doing that Wii to notice me. I didn’t unlock the door,” Anna said.


“You must have imagined it, Joe,” Anna said, making the cuckoo sign at Joe. ”Now could you help me pick this up?”

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Chapter 3

Joe and Anna picked up the glass beads and crystal. Once they were done with that, the girl breathed. She’d almost been caught by Joe. And she was hiding in the hall closet, next to a vacuum cleaner. Throwing back the hood of her cloak, she readjusted her glasses. This girl was pretty, yes indeed. Her long wavy black hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and her glasses slightly lopsided. She cracked the door closet door open a bit.

No one was there.

That makes it easier, she thought, even though this is a stupid plan.

In her hand was her pocket watch. It wasn’t a normal pocket watch, it had strange lettering on it and it was gold. Pure gold. But the button on the side would only be used when it was needed. She cracked the door open about an inch. No one was there.

Good, she thought.

She slipped out, listening for footsteps, voices, any sign that someone was coming near her. Stopping outside Joe’s door, she pulled out her pocketwatch.

Here goes nothing, she thought and pressed the side button.

Any noise there was stopped as time froze. The girl pushed Joe’s door open. Everything seemed frozen, but not all icy like stuff in movies is. She walked inside and instantly tripped over something. A baseball bat, no doubt.

This place is a dump, she thought.

She brushed herself off and stood up. All she needed to do was find where Joe kept The Book…

And then suddenly a beeping noise went off.

Why now? she thought.

The beeping was coming from her poceketwatch. She opened it, and a voice came on:”Lisa, have you got The Book yet?”

“No, I can’t see where he keeps it!” the girl, obviously Lisa, hissed.

“Well hurry up! The showdown is supposed to happen soon, and I want to win it!” the voice yelled.

“OK, I’ll hurry up!” Lisa closed her pocketwatch.

Then she spotted the box Joe keeps The Book in! Lisa opened it, place The Book on Joe’s desk and waved her hand over the box, chanting,” Prenda quello con il libro in qualche luogo lontano, una terra in cui non sono stato una volta.”

Lisa closed the door to Joe’s room and went back to the closet. After opening her pocketwatch, the voice responded:”Have you got it yet?”

“No,” Lisa admitted,” But I have a wonderful plan…”

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Chapter 4:

“WHAT? The showdown will happen for real this time?!”

Joe was pretty stunned. Once Sam had arrived, Jodie had explained everything. That the showdown, was yes, taking place in a few weeks.

“Well, we’re pretty sure. We just need to be sure by checking The Book,” Jodie said, “Now where is it?”

“In the box where it always is,” Fred said,” Duh.”

Jodie glared at Fred. She went over to the box. And gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Freddi asked, and came over to Jodie.

“The Book, it’s gone!” Jodie said.

“That’s impossi-“Joe realized that The Book was on his desk. “Jodie, it’s on the desk.”

“Oh, I knew that,” Jodie said. Joe looked at her with a yeah-right-I believe you-but you know I’m being sarcastic-look.

Jodie picked The Book up, and started leafing through it. “Here we go.”

The Book was opened to a page that had a lot of handwritten notes scribbled along the margins and under pictures.

“Where does it say the showdown date, Jodie?” Samantha asked, leaning over Jodie’s shoulder.

“Well, it says the current date for it is November 6th 2008, but the time period is July 31st 4009,” Jodie answered.

“Wait. So we’re going to go 2001 years into the future?!” Sam exclaimed.

“Apparently,” Fred concluded.

“What’s this about going 2001 years into the future?”

Anna was standing in the doorway.

And then Jodie explained for the second time about the showdown. Anna sat slightly stunned on Joe’s bed.

“Whoa, talk about major pressure,” Anna said,” And I thought my math grade was bad…”

“Well, I guess we just have to wait,” Jodie commented.

She put The Book on the top of the box. And suddenly there was a great flash and they were gone.

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Chapter 5:

The seven landed on top of a hill.

“What did you do?!” Freddi screeched.

“I don’t know! All I did was set The Book on top of the box, and now we’re here!” Jodie answered.

“Well, there’s one good thing about this,” Sam said.

“What? There isn’t anything GOOD about this!” Jodie said

“Well, there is always something bad that happens but we don’t have to worry about people chasing us with swords and stuff,” Sam said.

“Well then, what’s good?” Samantha asked.

“There’s no people here,” Sam answered, walking around,” You see this plant went extinct billions of years ago.”

He held up a blue and green flower. Fred suddenly stood up.

“But what about that?” he asked.

“What?” Sam turned around and saw what Fred had seen. A HUGE DINOSAUR!

“Oh,” Sam said.

“My,” Joe said.

“Pickle,” Fred said.

“Oh my pickle?” Anna asked.

“Just run,” Samantha said.

And they took off running and screaming.

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Chapter 6

They kept running until Sam said they were far enough away.

“Never mind the showdown, that thing is scary enough!” Jodie said.

“That’s not really the least of our worries, you know,” Freddi said.

“Oh, so what’s worse than being chased by a giant dinosaur?” Jodie retorted.

“Being chased by Mad Jack,” Freddi answered.

“She has a point there,” Fred said. He sat down on a rock. ”Now what?”

“This,” Samantha said. She held out her pocketwatch.

“You had your pocketwatch with you the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME??!!” Jodie and Freddi yelled.

“Yeah, I just forgot.” Jodie glared at Samantha. “Anyway, just get around me and I’ll warp us to The Book.”

They gathered around Samantha. She said,”Umm… Oh yeah, this is it. Take nos ut Libri.”

They were surrounded by a purple flash and were gone.


Anna fell on top of Joe, who landed on top of Samantha, who landed on top of Jodie, who-well I’ll get to the point. All seven of them landed on top of each other, who all landed in a cave. The cave was full of crystals – big, small, regular, any size. Samantha jumped out from the pile, and went to examine one of the crystals.

“I wonder why The Book would be in here,” Fred wondered out loud.

“I know why!” Samantha exclaimed.

“Why?” they all asked.

“This is a time cave!!!” Samantha said.

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Chapter 7

“Excuse me? A what?” Fred asked.

“A time cave!! Don’t you know what that is???” Samantha exclaimed

Everyone looked at her like she just grew five extra heads.

“Samantha, time caves are only myths, it’s been proven,” Jodie said.

“Well, what if they did exist, they just got destroyed or something!” Samantha was NOT going to give up on this idea- yet.

Anna went over to one of the crystals; it was green and cast a glow around Anna’s hands.

“Hey, look at this! It looks like the one I found in my closet!”

Samantha had a smug look on her face. ”See, they exist we just haven’t looked hard enough!”

“OK, OK, you’re right Samantha,” Jodie admitted.

“One question, what’s a time cave?” Fred asked.

“Time caves have magical powers. If you’re stuck in a bad situation on a time warp, and you try to warp away but something goes wrong, you land here,” Samantha answered,” Many time warpers think they don’t exist. But, we just proved they do!”

“Yay, bravo, amazing,” Fred said in a bored voice,” Now we have to find The Book.”

A female voice came from a tunnel,” You’re looking for a Book?”

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Chapter 8

Two girls stepped out from the tunnel. One had fiery red hair, the other had dark brown hair. The brown haired one had The Book in her hand.

“Yeah, we are,” Fred said slowly.

“Here.” The one that had The Book threw it, and Joe caught it.

“Thanks guys- I mean girls,” Joe said. The brown haired one giggled. Joe looked strangely at her.

“Don’t mind Josie,” the red haired one said,” She’s weird like that. Anyway, I’m Brianna. And she’s obviously Josie.”

A look of sudden realization came across Jodie’s face.

“Well, nice to meet you guys and all, but we have to get going,” Jodie said. Fred and Joe had a look on their faces that clearly says: What? Can’t we stay with the hot girls for a little longer?

“I’ve got an even better idea!!!!!!! Brianna and Josie can come along with us!” Fred said.

Josie and Brianna smiled. Jodie, on the other hand, looked the exact opposite.

“They can’t come with! This is just us!! Remember?”

“Oh yeah.”

Fred’s face suddenly lit up. ”Do you girls know anything about time-warping?”

“Yeah, of course we do. I keep my pocketwatch with me at all times,” Brianna answered.

“They could teach me how to do this showdown stuff!” Joe exclaimed, realizing what Fred was getting onto.

“But Samantha and Freddi and I can teach you that stuff too!” Jodie said.

“Well then, they can help you teach us.” Fred and Joe were really wanting this.

Jodie sighed.

“Fine. They can come with us.”

Joe and Fred high-fived each other and Brianna and Josie both shared the same expression.

“Well, what next?” Samantha asked.

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 Chapter 9

“I say we leave this dinosaur dump,” Jodie suggested.

“OK, but then where do we go?” Sam asked.

“I don’t care, as long as we’re leaving.” Jodie said.

“Ok, well I wouldn’t mind going to a baseball game,” Fred said.

Joe looked down at The Book. Green mist was slowly pouring out of it.

“Um guys, I think The Book is going to decide where we’re going,” Joe said.

Jodie turned around.

“What do you-“she started before she noticed the mist.

Brianna looked around and at Joe.

“You’re the Warp Wizard!” she exclaimed.

“Umm yeah,” was all Joe could say before the green mist completely washed over all of them.
Chapter 10


“My, my. Lisa you’re getting very impressive.”

“I’m only doing as you wish,” Lisa said.

Mad Jack took his hood off and looked around his lair. Everything was perfectly fine except one thing…

“Lisa,” Mad Jack said.


“You do realize we have to go and find the boy and his stupid little friends,” Mad Jack said.

“Yeah, but I think I know where the time-bomb sent them,” Lisa answered.

“Where then?”

“Around about some billion years ago, I believe so.” Lisa took her hair down.

“Good so now we can prepare to go chase after them,” Mad Jack said.

“This is gonna be so much fun…,” Lisa said.

Chapter 11

When the time-warping effect wore off, Joe opened his eyes. They were in a stadium.

“Hey! I got The Book to take us where we wanted too be!” Fred exclaimed.

“Yeah, well that probably won’t be happening again until you’re 20,” Jodie complained.

Fred looked at Jodie.

“Oh, crud, that’s normally Freddi’s job!” Jodie said.

Fortunately, Freddi wasn’t paying attention. She was looking at the scoreboard.

“I don’t think the game has started yet,” she said,” And we’re in 1989.”

“1989? Who’s playing?” Fred asked.

“The Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants,” Freddi read.

“My dad said that this game was a really good game,” Brianna said.

“Really? Maybe we could watch it!” Fred said.

“But we don’t have tickets,” Sam said.

“We don’t need tickets! We’re already inside the stadium. C’mon let’s go get good seats.” Fred ran off towards the dugout.

Freddi and Jodie rolled their eyes, and everyone followed.


Fred got them seats next to a teenage girl.

Joe thought Fred would only sit next to her because he likes her.
The announcer was commenting on the previous games. There was a big flat-screen TV up on some concrete.

Suddenly the ground started to shake.

“What the-“Anna said

The other announcer began to say,” We’re having an earth-“

“Quake!” Sam finished.
Chapter 12:

At almost the same time, the shaking stopped.

“Well…we’ve just experienced an earthquake guys, we should go now,” Jodie said.

And she tapped a page on The Book and they warped.

They ended up on a busy city street.

“Jodie, where’d you warp us to?” Freddi asked.

“The only place I knew we’d be happy at,” Jodie answered.

“OK. But a bit more specific, please?” Josie said.

Jodie sighed.

“We’re in Paris, got it?”

“Why Paris? It doesn’t look like Paris,” Joe commented.

Samantha’s face lit up. And she gasped.

“I know why!”

“Don’t you know why everything happens?” a voice coming from an alley behind them asked dryly.

Lisa stepped out from the alley.

“YOU!” Josie and Brianna exclaimed at the same time.

“Yes, me,” Lisa said

Chapter 13:

“Now, if you don’t mind, give me that Book and no one gets hurt,” Lisa continued.

She pointed to The Book.

“No way! It’s my Book!” Joe said.

“Yes, I know. It’s about to be my master’s now,” Lisa said.

“’My master’,” Jodie said under her breath. “Guys she means Mad Jack!”

“Of course I mean him! I don’t work for anyone else,” Lisa said.
”Now give me The Book,” she said.

“And why should we?” Fred asked.

“Because,” Lisa said. And she took out a pocketwatch. ”If you give me that Book, and you don’t get sent to some other different time period without each other.”

“Huddle guys!” Fred said.

They huddled around Fred.

“So, you got a plan, Fred?” Jodie asked.

“No, but I was hoping some else did so I could pretend I had that idea,” Fred answered.

Sam and Josie and everyone else rolled their eyes.

“Maybe we could pretend to give her The Book,” Joe suggested, with fake hopefulness in his voice.

“Yeah…we could just like we did when we warped to Antarctica!” Sam said.

“You guys went to Antarctica?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, but we’ll tell you about it later,” Joe said.

“Back on track, guys! We can’t give Lisa The Book,” Brianna said.

“Her name is Lisa?” Joe, Sam, and Fred asked at the same time.

“Yeah, but that’s not the important part right now,” Jodie said.

“Well…I’ve got an idea,” Samantha said

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Chapter 14:

Fred went over to Lisa.

“Well, are you going to give me The Book?” Lisa said.

“Maybe,” Fred said. He smiled. “If you promise me one thing.”

“OK, what?” Lisa spat, obviously getting irritated.

“You have a burping contest with me!” Fred said.

Sam did a face palm.

“What?!” Samantha hissed at Fred. “We didn’t agree on that!”

Fred shot them a look that clearly said: “I know! Get over it!!”

“Well, no one can win against Fred,” Joe commented.

“What if I don’t?” Lisa asked.

“Then…uh…you…ARE A COWARD! So ha!!” Fred said.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

“Fine. If I lose you keep The Book. But if I win I get The Book.”

Fred burped extremely loud. Lisa burped a little louder, but not that much. This continued for a little while until Fred finally burped the loudest burp anyone will probably ever hear. And then (this time according to plan) Samantha jumped on top of Lisa and stole her pocketwatch.

“WOOHOO!!! We got it!” she yelled as she pushed a button and Joe, Sam, Fred, Josie, Anna, Brianna, Jodie, Freddi, and herself were surrounded by a purple flash.
Chapter 15:

“Samantha, where in the world did you send us?” Jodie asked.



Samantha nodded her very fast.

“Great,” Jodie said, very sarcastically.

Joe now noticed where they were. They were in a big dome. The dome was made of green glass that was sparkling. The floor was rocky and looked a little dangerous.

“It looks like we’re in the arena the Hungarian Horntail was in,” Sam said.

“Huh?” Fred said.

“I know what Sam’s talking about, he’s talking about the movie version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!!” Josie exclaimed.

“Well, I hope we’re not in a movie,” Freddi said.

“Nice choice,” a voice said from behind one of the biggest rocks in the place they were in.

Mad Jack and Lisa stepped out from the rock.
”Oh, crud,” Brianna said.
Chapter 16:

“You honestly thought you could stop us?” Mad Jack asked.

“Umm…yeah,” Joe answered.

“Well, let’s not talk too much. Give me The Book,” Mad Jack said simply, as if it didn’t matter.

“Never!” Anna spat.

“Well, it’s time I get now!”

 Mad Jack turned his cane into a sword, and Lisa’s hands flashed with electricity.

“Joe, do something!” Jodie hissed in his ear.

“Do what?!” Joe said.


“I’ve got something for you to use! Say parvus minor minimus,” Brianna said.

Joe did what Brianna wanted him to and green light came out of his hands.

“Whoa,” Joe said.

All the light did was get rid of Mad Jack’s sword, but Mad Jack and Lisa still came running at them.

“Give The Book to us, and you won’t be shocked with 100 bolts of electricity!” Mad Jack said.

The group glanced at each other. There really was no choice. Joe regretfully handed Mad Jack The Book.

Mad Jack nodded at Lisa.

“Kill them,” he told her.
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Chapter 17: 

Lisa glanced at the group.

“No,” she said.

“WHAT?!” Mad Jack exclaimed.

“You heard me. I’m not going to kill them,” Lisa said.

“Why not?” Mad Jack asked.

“Because. One, I don’t want to hurt anyone more than I already have. Two, you’re using me just so you can get The Book. And three, I know I’m capable of killing people. But why kill the good guys?”

The rest of the group let out a gasp.

“Well, if you’re not going to kill them, I will! And you, too.” Mad Jack picked up his cane.

Lisa went over to Joe.

“Joe, you have to stop him! Do a spell!” Lisa told him.

“But I don’t know any!” Joe protested.

“Here’s one: Addio a coloro che sono nel percorso di questa.” Lisa walked over to the rest of the group.

“Get behind this rock!” she warned them.

They did.

Joe felt extremely nervous. What would this spell do? Was Lisa really good?

Only one way to find out, he thought.

“Addio a coloro che sono nel percorso di questa,” Joe shouted.

For a minute it seemed as time stood still. But then the wind picked up, Joe’s hands started glowing and a HUGE burst of energy came out from his hands.

Mad Jack started to look worried. And the energy came chasing after him. Mad Jack ran for his life. But the energy ball collided with him and it exploded.

Everything was covered in black soot.

Fred came out from behind the rock.

“That was freakin’ AWESOME, dude!” he said to Joe.

Sam was in complete shock. Jodie beamed down at Joe.

And then Joe cell phone rang. Joe picked it up, feeling happy. At least until he heard who was in the other line. It was his mom.


Joe laughed nervously.
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Chapter 18:

Joe had a hard time explaining where he and Anna were to his mom, but somehow he managed it. They warped home. When they warped into Joe’s bedroom, Sam and Fred went home and Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha warped to 2108. That just left Brianna, Josie, Anna, and Lisa.

“So…are you girls going to go home?” Joe asked.

“I live here, so I’m already home,” Anna said.

“No, I meant Josie, Brianna, and Lisa. Now go, Anna,” Joe said.

Anna sighed and left Joe’s room.

“I don’t have anywhere to go,” Lisa said.

“Don’t worry; you can stay with me for awhile,” Brianna said.
”OK,” Lisa said.

“Bye, Joe,” Josie said.

And Brianna took her pocketwatch out and the girls were surrounded by light.

Joe put The Book back in its box.

And then his cell phone rang again.

He picked it up. It was Fred.

“Hey, Joe, you know the school’s having a dance, right?” he asked.

“No, I didn’t,” Joe answered.

“Well… I was thinking we could ask Josie, Brianna, and Lisa to go with us,” Fred said.

“Really? Who are you going to ask?” Joe asked.

“Brianna,” Fred answered.

“Oh, that’s cool.”

“Who are YOU going to ask?” Fred asked.

“Uhh…Josie,” Joe answered

“Sam said he was going to ask Lisa,” Fred said.

“Really? That doesn’t make any sense,” Joe said.

“Yeah, I know, but Sam said he was only going to the dance with her as a friend,” Fred said.

“Wow, aren’t you the gossip queen?” Joe said.

“Hello, I’m a boy. And it only makes sense because no girl would want to go with Sam,” Fred went on.

“Yeah, I remember 7th grade dance…” Joe said, remembering the dance.

He gave a shudder. And then he heard his mom telling him to put the dishes away.

He hung up with Fred and went downstairs
Chapter 19:

Lisa, Brianna, and Josie sat waiting on the couch in Brianna’s dad’s apartment. They were impatiently waiting for the boys to come over to pick them up for the dance.

Lisa was wearing a strapless blue dress with ice-blue tights and white snow boots.

Brianna was wearing a black short skirt with knee high black boots and a dark purple tank top.

Josie was wearing a pink dress with black ballet flats.

And they were all very impatiently waiting, as stated before.

Josie was the most impatient because she was Joe’s new girlfriend and loved him a lot.

The doorbell rang and Brianna sprang up to get it.

It was Joe, Sam, and Fred.

They were looking their best.

At least Sam and Joe were.

Fred had what he normally wore on.

Sam had a white polo shirt and black pants on.

Joe had a green t-shirt and khaki pants on.

“Hey, Brianna,” Fred said, leaning against the door frame. And then he tipped over.

Brianna sniggered.

“Fred seems to be extremely clumsy today,” Joe commented, helping Fred up.

“Hey, guys! They’re here!” Brianna shouted.

Josie and Lisa came over to the door.

“Hi, Joe,” Josie said. She blushed.

“Do you think we should tell your dad we’re leaving now?” Lisa asked.

Brianna looked thoughtful for a few seconds.

“Nah…He already knows we’d be gone by about now,” she said.

“Well…Let’s go then,” Sam said.


Chapter 20:

At about half-way through the dance a slow song started playing.

Lisa went over to Sam.

“Hey, you did ask me to a dance, you know,” she said.

“Yeah.” Sam said looking down at his feet.

“Which means we dance,” Lisa said.

“I can’t dance,” Sam argued.

“Really? Than I’ll teach you how to dance.” Lisa took hold of Sam’s hands and pulled him onto the dance floor.

They passed Joe and Fred, and Sam shot them a pleading look.

“This, is how you dance to a slow song,” Lisa instructed. She placed one of Sam’s hands on her hip and one on her shoulder. Lisa placed her hands on Sam’s shoulders.

“And then you let the music take control of you,” Lisa said.

“What if I don’t want it in control of me?” Sam asked.

Lisa laughed.

“Then the girl you’re dancing with does this.”

She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

“Aw….so cute.”

Lisa and Sam turned around and saw Brianna with Fred. Fred had out his cell phone. It was pretty obvious he’d taken a picture of that moment. Sam was too shocked to care that Fred had taken a picture of that. He’d just been kissed by a girl! A pretty girl at that too. Actually, a girl he sort of liked Lisa also.


The dance ended at 10:30.

“I’ll be back in one minute,” Josie said to Brianna and Lisa.

And she left down the hallway.

Fred came up from behind of Brianna and wrapped his arms around her.

“Fred, stop that!” Brianna said playfully.

Fred laughed.

Joe came up to them.

“Have any of you seen Josie?” he asked.

“No, she went to the bathroom I think,” Lisa answered.

“Where’s Sam, too?” Fred asked.

“I think he said something about being hungry,” Joe said.

Sam came over with a can of Pepsi.

“We’re going to go check on something.” Brianna pulled Lisa away and into the hallway.

“Hey, Sam. I have some advice for you,” Fred said.

“What?” Sam asked.

“You should totally ask Lisa out.”

“Why? She’s just a friend,” Sam said.

“You guys KISSED tonight! K-I-S-I-E-D!” Fred argued.

“You spelt ‘kissed’ wrong, Fred,” Joe pointed out.

“Oh….Well that doesn’t matter. Ask her out!!!” Fred said.

Sam sighed. He DID like Lisa.

“Fine, I will,” he said.

Lisa and Brianna came back out from the hallway. They both had a disturbed face.

“Josie’s missing,” Brianna said.

“No I’m not,”

Josie came back.

“Where were you?!” Brianna asked.

“I had some ‘urgent’ business to attend to,” Josie explained.


The next day at school, Joe cam up to Josie.

“Hey, that ‘urgent business’ did that have anything to do with Mad Jack?” he asked her.

“No,” Josie said.

“Then what was it for?”

“You wouldn’t understand. Besides, it’s not THAT important,” Josie added.

“But,” she continued,” this is.”

She kissed him on the cheek.

“See you in science.” Josie waved and walked down the hall towards advanced Language Arts.

Joe felt the spot on his cheek where Josie had kissed him.

THAT was the most exciting part of his day.
OMG IT"S FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
There MIGHT be a sequel written. Maybe.
What do you think of this fic? Good or bad?
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