Note from Ginny Sherbert: this fanfic is not writen by me or Duster. It is written by Crazzy8855 on I asked her if I could post this on the website and she said I could. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL! Same goes for the other fanfics on here too
Summary: How can your life be boring if you have a magic time travelling book? If you're Joe, Sam, and Fred and get into the same thing over and over again. Sure you have an evil uncle/ archnemisis who tries to destroy you and conquer the world. And sure you have an upcoming showdown with him and your going to be the warp wiz one day. But what if he's incompetant and he's no threat? Well the trio's lives change when they meet three girls, more danger, and more evil. and it all starts when Mad Jack goes shopping.

"Where is it? Where is it!?” Mad Jack said getting impatient.

Wearing a black hooded cloak he wandered around the dark, black market looking for the thing he needed the most. Well, the second thing he needed the most.

“Finally!” he cried out in his fake, rough voice.

But as he reached out to grab it, a green, scaly hand reached out and stopped him.

“Aht! No you don't mate!” a rough voice told him.

“What? Why not!?” Mad Jack yelled enraged.

“Because I gots three other offers for this here item.” He said.

Mad Jack turned and saw three figures behind him; one with a black cloak and a red, sinning eye, one with an entire mechanical suit of armor, and the last a giant lizard.

“I'll pay triple!” Mad Jack yelled getting desperate.

“Hey!” the lizard guy said, “Just who are you?”

Losing his temper at last, Mad Jack turned around in one swift motion and blasted him across the market with the staff he was carrying. Next, he dropped a huge bag full of gold on the seller's stand.

“Is this enough?” he asked.

The two other guys grumbled in dismay and walked away. Mad Jack smirked.

“Sure is.” the seller said greedily. “but it sure is a lot for just--”

“Trust me, its worth it.” Mad Jack said then let out his crazed laugh.
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