OMG!!!This is the sequel to the Showdown!! :) It is titled *drumroll* Here They Go Again
Chapter 1:

“That was some hard test,” Fred said.

“You’ve been going on about that test and how hard it was for two days straight,” Sam said.

“And the test was two days ago,” Sam added.

“OK guys. No fighting. It’s the first day of winter break,” Joe interrupted before they started something.

“Well one thing, we’re not time-warping anytime these next two weeks!” Sam warned.

Joe’s cellphone rang.

He picked it up. It was Josie.

Before he had a chance to talk, Josie started talking at high-speed.

“Joe, this is extremely important. You have to come with me, Lisa, and Brianna!! The fate of the universe is at stake!!!!”

“Josie, slow down. I lost you at ‘important’,” Joe said.

“Just open The Book to page 97 and warp to the picture!! Hurry!!” Josie rushed.

“OK, OK,” Joe said.

“I’ll meet you there! Bye!” Josie hung up.

“Change of plans on the time-warping, Sam,” Joe said.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked

“We have to go somewhere. And fast.”

Joe opened The Book to page 97.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked.

“Woohoo!!! We’re time-warping!!” Fred said.

“I honestly don’t get you,” Sam said.

Green mist started leaking out of The Book…
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Chapter 2:

They landed in what seemed like a busy market. Everybody was wearing what you’d expect ancient Romans or Greeks to wear. Even Joe, Sam, and Fred.

“Where are we?’ Fred asked.

“I have no clue…” Joe said in slight amazement.

A warm smell drifted past them as someone with a cart passed by.

“I might not know where in the world we are but that smelled really good and now I’m hungry,” Fred said.

“You’re always hungry, Fred,” someone said from behind them.

The boys all spun around to see Brianna with her hands on her hips, and wearing a purple and white sleeveless dress.

“Oh, hi Brianna,” Fred said.

“Where’s Josie and Lisa?” Joe asked.

“Looking for you guys, but now we have to go and find them. Josie always seems to get lost here...” Brianna looked around.

“And where is here?” Sam asked.

“Vera,” Brianna answered simply,” But you’ll learn more about that once we find Josie and Lisa.”

She turned around.

Sam looked at Fred, who looked at Joe, who just shrugged because he had no idea what Brianna was talking about.

“There you guys are!!”

Someone came up from behind Joe and hugged him.

“Hi, Josie,” Joe said.

He turned around and got a better look at Josie.

She had a short white and pink dress on and tan sandals.

Lisa was also with her too. She had a knee length blue and gold dress on with brown boots and her hair was in ponytail.

“Welcome to Vera,” Josie said.
Chapter 3

“So tell us exactly, what is Vera?” Sam asked.

They were all at a hotel pretty near the market place they were at.

“Vera is and alternate universe, which you can only reach by using The Book or a portal in the middle of an ancient Greek theatre,” Lisa answered.

“That wasn’t very much explaining what Vera is,” Fred said.

“Shut up, Fred,” Brianna said.

“I will not shut up unless I shut up,” Fred replied, smartly.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Joe said.

Fred looked thoughtful for a moment.

“You’re right, it doesn’t make sense.”

Brianna rolled her eyes.

“So… aren’t you wondering why you’re here?” Josie asked.

“Of course we are,” Joe said.” Why are we here?”

“This is going to take awhile to explain….” Josie said.
Chapter 4:

"A really long time ago…."

"Actually Josie it was 15 years ago," Brianna interrupted.

"Whatever," Josie said," Fifteen years ago, a girl was born. She was destined to have great power and to become a successful leader. However, she’s been raising an army. And using it for evil. She’s been trying to conquer Vera ever since she was 11 years old. And just recently, she took over one of the other alternate universes-"

"Wait so you’re telling me a 15 year old took over a whole UNIVERSE!?" Fred said.

"AS I WAS SAYING…she’s been trying to find a way to our universe. The only way to get to our universe is through a portal somewhere in Vera. We have a theory the only reason she wants to get to our universe is because she wants The Book," Josie went on.

"OK… and you’re telling us because…?" Joe said.

"The only one with the power to stop her is the Warp Wizard!! There’s only one surviving, and that’s you, Joe!" Josie said.

"So now we’ve got another crazy control maniac wanting The Book. Great," Sam said.
Chapter 5:

"So how exactly is this person supposed to help me?" Joe asked.

He and Josie were climbing up a cobblestone path up a very steep hill. Joe had no clue where they were going.

"She will teacher you how to control your powers so you can actually do something with them," Josie answered.

"Since when have I had powers?" Joe asked.

"Almost to the top," Josie said.

At the top was a building. It was made completely of marble and granite. It was breathtaking just to look at it.

"Wow, where are we?" Joe asked, awestruck.

"The Palace of Time," Josie answered.

"Now come on, you’ve got to get introduced to your teacher."

Chapter 6:

Josie lead Joe inside the palace. It was absolutely gorgeous inside. The floor was marble, and paintings depicting different event in history were hanging on the walls.

A short blonde girl with glowing green eyes appeared out of nowhere.

She didn’t look like the happiest person on earth(Or Vera, to be right).

Her skirt was dark green and her shirt was more like a bathing suit top that looked fancier.

"And I’m assuming you’re the one I have to teach?" she said to Joe.

"Joe meet, Iza. Iza this is Joe," Josie said.

"I hope this one doesn’t end up dying like the others," Iza said.
Chapter 7:

After about 5 hours of Iza training Joe, Josie finally said it was time to leave.

"We’ll be back tomorrow at 12 o’clock!" Josie said.

Oh great, Joe thought.

He had really hated training. Iza had pushed him way too hard.

She had yelled at him when Josie wasn’t paying too much attention or when he did something wrong(Which apparently was everything he did).

Josie said to wait for her outside the palace while she went to bathroom before they left.

Joe sat in the shade of one of the big willow trees growing out of the side of the hill.

Suddenly another girl appeared out of nowhere in front of Joe!

It wasn’t Iza but this girl had the same glowing eyes that Iza did.

She was tall and had light blonde hair. She looked to be about 14.

"Don’t let Iza get you down," she said," I’m Malusia by the way, Iza’s older sister. I know she can get like that."

"Well thanks, Malusia," Joe said.

"Maybe I can help Iza teach you," Malusia said.

"That’d be great," Joe replied.

"Yes that would..." Malusia said mysteriously.

Joe could swear he saw her eyes glint.

"Hey, Joe, c’mon!" Josie shouted.

He ran up to catch Josie, thinking about the next day and Malusia...


Chapter 8:

The next days of training went on pretty well.

Iza wasn’t yelling at Joe a lot anymore. But she still did.

About the 6th day of training, Iza and Joe were practicing dueling.

Iza said that next training session they were going to work on more complicated spells.

So Joe once again waited for Josie to get out of the bathroom at the end of training.

This time he wasn’t outside under the willow tree.

He was inside in the hallway he had first entered.

Joe heard something come from one of the many doors in the hallway.

It sounded like a very happy-yet evil type happy- voice.

It was coming from the third door on the left.

Joe quietly snuck over to the door.

"Don’t worry, I’ll get her, Vermias. I will," the voice was saying.

Suddenly Joe recognized that voice! It was Malusia’s voice!

What was she talking about?

Joe was about to knock on the door when Josie came up behind Joe.

"We’re leaving now," Josie said.

"OK," Joe said, still curios about what he’d heard.

Chapter 9:

When Joe and Josie were climbing up the hill to the Palace of Time, they were shocked at what they were seeing.

The whole place was ruined.

The actual palace was crumbled and ruined.

“What happened?” Josie whispered.

“It looks like the whole place was just taken over,” Joe said.

One of the guards came out from the ruins.

“Has anyone seen Malusia?” he asked.

“No,” Joe answered.

“Why do you need to see Malusia?” Josie asked.

“She was the one that did this. I don’t know how but she said she was now against us and that if we ever want to see Iza again, we have to go to the SnakeCave,” the guard answered.

“Since when was Iza involved in this?” Josie asked.

“Iza’s a time princess. She’s one of the most powerful people in all of the universes. The king thinks Malusia is taking Iza to Vermias, the girl that just conquered another universe two weeks ago,” the guard went on.
“But why would she want Iza?” Joe asked.

“Vermias must be wanting to harvest Iza’s powers!” Josie exclaimed.

“That can’t be good, right?” Joe asked.

Josie nodded.

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Chapter 10:

"We have to get back to the hotel and get Lisa and Brianna!" Josie said as she and Joe raced down the hill.

They sped down as fast as they could until they got to the hotel.

Brianna, Lisa, Fred, and Sam were in the courtyard of the hotel.

Fred was messing around with a sword while Brianna was scolding him.

Lisa was instructing Sam how to use a fighting staff.

"What are you guys doing?" Joe asked, momentarily forgetting about the situation.

"Trying to train these two how to fight," Brianna said.

"And why…?"

"Because you can’t take on an army of 5,000 men all by yourself right?" Brianna said.

"Yeah, well this is a very serious situation right now," Josie said.

"Why?" Lisa asked.

"Malusia actually turned out to be evil and kidnapped Iza and probably is taking her to Vermias," Josie said in a rush.

"Ohhhh… That’s not very good, right?" Fred asked.

"No duh." Brianna smacked Fred with his hat.
Chapter 11:

“So…does anyone know where Malusia and Iza could be?” Sam asked.

They were riding in a chariot that was racing across an empty field.

“They might already be at Vermias’s cave,” Lisa said.

“How far away is that?” Fred asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Lisa said.

“Guys, stop fighting, this is serious. If Vermias gets enough power she could make a wormhole that goes to our universe!” Josie said.


The chariot stopped in front of a large mountain.

About 10 feet above the ground, a huge cave opening was on the mountain.

“That must be Vermias’s cave,” Joe said.

“That’d be a loooong way to fall down…” Sam said.

They heard someone scream.

Whoever that person who screamed, had fallen down to their death because they were pushed out of the cave opening.

“I, Vermias 3rd Star of Vera’s Comet declares war on Vera!!! ATTACK!!!!” someone, most likely Vermias herself, yelled.

There was a very loud yelling as 5,000 men came spilling out from the bushes.

They raised their swords and spears and bows and arrows.

“This can’t be good,” Brianna said.


Chapter 12:

“TAKE COVER!!!” Sam yelled.

He jumped into the nearest bush.

Somehow, more men appeared. They were all guards from the Palace of Time.

“Sam! Get out of the bush!!! It’s not-“

Before Lisa could finish her sentence, something shot by.

Whatever that something was hit Lisa in her shoulder.

She collapsed on the ground instantly.

“Oh no!!” Josie and Brianna exclaimed at the same time.

“What’s wrong?” Fred asked.

“C’mon drag her over here,” Joe said.

They all dragged Lisa knocked out body behind the bush Sam was hiding in.

“Sam get out of the bush!” Fred yelled.

Sam got out.

“What happened to Lisa?” he asked.

Brianna examined the thing that hit Lisa.

“It’s an arrow. And it’s filled with a  potion,” she said.

“What’s the potion do?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not the best at potions…But that’s not important right now! Someone needs to go and stop Vermias!” Brianna said.

“I will,” Joe said

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Chapter 13:

"WHAT?! That’s insane!" Josie exclaimed."You can’t go to Snake Cave!"

"I have to," Joe said.

"Well, if Joe’s going to be practically sacrificing himself, then I’m going with him," Fred said.

The air around them was quiet.

"Isn’t someone going to say, ‘no you can’t do that!’ or ‘don’t go!’ to which I’ll respond to ‘I have to go and help Joe with this!’?"

Everyone stayed quiet. If this was a cartoon show, there would have been a chorus of chirping crickets by now.

"I’m still going, though," Fred went on.

"Well if you guys are going to stop Vermias, you should probably bring this."

Brianna handed Joe a small vile full of a green glowing liquid.

"Use this incase your defenses are extremely falling apart," she said,"Don’t use it all though, we might need some other time."

"Why don’t you just use it on Lisa?" Fred asked.

"I said DEFENSES, not if you happen to be knocked out. It won’t do anything to help her," Brianna said.

"Yeah, we just have to hope," Josie said.

Sam wasn’t saying anything.

"Are you going to help Joe and Fred, Sam?" Josie asked.

"No. I’ll help you guys fight here."

Sam stood up and looked into the sun.

"Lisa mentioned that if a warrior needs medical help all they need to do is summon some type of bird. It’s just I can’t remember what type..." Sam said.

"Well, I think we should go and kick some evil 15 year old conqueror of the a lot of other universes butt!" Fred exclaimed.

Chapter 14:

Fred and Joe were at the base of the mountain.

"How do you think we’re gonna climb that?" Joe asked looking up the sheer cliff.

"All I know is that we’re going to be wanting something to drink after we climb it," Fred said.

How they managed to climb up, Joe had no clue. But that didn’t matter at that moment.

There was a small ledge before the cave opening opened into well, a cave.

Fred pulled a sword out of those sword things that warriors carry on their backs.

"Where’d you get the sword?" Joe whispered.

"I am not so sure about that..." Fred said.

"So...will you do it? Will you honestly just give up on your universe?" a cold evil voice drawled.

"No I won’t!" Iza’s voice said weakly.

"Really...? Are you so sure?" the voice went on.

Something that sounded like a shock. A shock like lightning shocking a person.

They both heard Iza scream.

Joe looked at Fred.

It was now or never.

Joe and Fred stepped out.

"Now who’s there?" the voice asked.

"It’s the Warp Wizard," Joe said.

"And me!" Fred said.

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