Wow. Can't believe it's already 2010. We've been doing this website for 4 months now! hard to believe, huh? So we're going to celebrate by having a site tour of ht e actual awesomecle TWT site!
So have a great day/night/whatever time of day it is for you and remember to come back on the site, I guess.
Happy 2010!(Sorry I can't get the fact that it's 2010 out of my head!)
BRAIN BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P We will have a caption contest. Well not really a contest. More of a create a caption for the picture. The picture for the rest of this week is:
Try to make a hilaroius thing of what they could be saying.
The winners will be announced next week!!
PS Sorry the only thing you get for winning is an imaginary cookie. Good luck, and merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you need a bigger version of the picture
click here
Ok, everyone knows that not just Ginny Sherbert writes fan fiction for Time Warp Trio, right? So we've decided to have other fan's fan fiction on  her too! Just e-mail Ginny Sherbert with the story( author's comments,side notes, etc. if you have any) and we won't claim it as our own.(not that we'd do that)
Please include your name too, so people can know who's story it is.
Yeah, I got bored and I made a video for Time Warp Trio on the Fan Videos page. If you have any videos you made, email me with the HTML code(or embeding code)
Hey guys, we took out the gallery page because Sherbert sorta messed up and accidentally deleted all the pics :(BUT DON'T WORRY, we are going to put a few more pictures under Pictures!.
And to get in the Halloween Spirit, Joe is dressed up as a Mayan point guard, I guess.
Oh my goodness, I just LOVE fan fiction! So I wrote some for Time Warp Trio and put it on here.(PS this Ginny Sherbert here, in case you couldn't tell)And please tell me what you think of it!!!!
Fred is even thinking
I have found this really neat place for widgets( look at this:

Cool Widgets
Poor boys...:( They're stuck with a gladiator
On the homepage, I added my two favorite songs!!! So, listen to them. I'm going to see if I can somehow get the Time Warp Trio themesong on too;)




OK> Hi peoples who are reading this!!! :P We put up a new page for pics from the show. I've made some captions which i think are pretty funny. My favorite is the crop circle one(I got inspiration for that fom my Social Studies homework:P) And there's  Joe getting The Book