Freddi-She's like the girl Sam. She's a scaredy cat, but can be brave from time to time.
If I could ask Freddi 3 questions and ONLY 3 questions, I would ask:
1Why are you so afraid of a lot of things?
2Do you sometimes find it hard to believe you're related to Fred?
3What do you think of Samantha's cat?
What would YOU ask Freddi?
Samantha- the weird one with the odd hairstyle and living in the future.She's Sam's great-grandaughter.
If I cpuld ask her 3 questions and 3 questions ONLY I would ask:
1. Why does your cats eat thumbtacks?
2. What's up with your hair?
3. If you live in 2105 how come you need glasses?
What would YOU ask Samantha?
Jodie-she's the popular girl living in 2105 and a the heir of The Book.
If I could ask Jodie 3 questions, and 3 questions ONLY I would ask:
1.How did you learn how to control The Book?
2.Where did you go on YOUR first time-warp?
3.How did you get to be friends with Freddi?(No offence to her or anyone who likes her, she's one of my favorites but how would someone like Jodie be friends with a person like Freddi?)
What would YOU ask Jodie?
Fred- he's the sport maniac and not exactly "Einstein". If I could ask him three questions I would ask:
1. Where do you get your hats?
2.Why are you paler than Sam?
3.Why do you wear ALL blue?
What would YOU ask Fred?
Sam-He's the nerdy yet so awesome charector. He's a bookworm and has really big glasses that make him look like Harry Potter.
 If I could ask him 3 questions, and 3 questions ONLY I would ask:
1. Where do you get glasses that are the same size as yours?
2.Do you actually believe Joe when he says "From now on, no one uses The Book. Unless it is an absolute emergency" ?
3.Do you know how much you look like Harry Potter(Except no scar...)?
What would YOU ask Sam?
Joe-He's the normal guy with a time-warping Book and a nack for magic tricks.So, if I could ask him 3 questions, I would ask him:
1. Do you REALLY know how to control The Book?
2. C'mon, you actually like Anna. Right?
3. Were you freaked out when Jodie and Freddi told you about the showdown?

 What would YOU ask Joe?