Ok, everyone knows that not just Ginny Sherbert writes fan fiction for Time Warp Trio, right? So we've decided to have other fan's fan fiction on  her too! Just e-mail Ginny Sherbert with the story( author's comments,side notes, etc. if you have any) and we won't claim it as our own.(not that we'd do that)
Please include your name too, so people can know who's story it is.
Yeah, I got bored and I made a video for Time Warp Trio on the Fan Videos page. If you have any videos you made, email me with the HTML code(or embeding code)
Hey guys, it's Duster's turn to pick the Featured Episode and she chose Me Oh Maya! We didn't exactly do last month's FE(I'm just going to call Featured Episode FE) exactly as planned...but that's OK! We shall do it better this month