As you may or may not know, Halloween is our favorite holiday. And we all know that is today. So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!Be good and don't puke from eating too much candy!
Hey guys, we took out the gallery page because Sherbert sorta messed up and accidentally deleted all the pics :(BUT DON'T WORRY, we are going to put a few more pictures under Pictures!.
And to get in the Halloween Spirit, Joe is dressed up as a Mayan point guard, I guess.
I've decided to have a featured episode thing. It goes like this:
I choose an episode
I see if it's on
If it is, I put it on this site for the rest of the month.
If it's not, too bad.
A blog will be posted at least 2 time that month with info about that episode.
This month's Featured Episode!:
And I've got all the parts so you don't have to type and such...
And as always, I must thank the awesome
Oh my goodness, I just LOVE fan fiction! So I wrote some for Time Warp Trio and put it on here.(PS this Ginny Sherbert here, in case you couldn't tell)And please tell me what you think of it!!!!
Fred is even thinking
Freddi-She's like the girl Sam. She's a scaredy cat, but can be brave from time to time.
If I could ask Freddi 3 questions and ONLY 3 questions, I would ask:
1Why are you so afraid of a lot of things?
2Do you sometimes find it hard to believe you're related to Fred?
3What do you think of Samantha's cat?
What would YOU ask Freddi?
Samantha- the weird one with the odd hairstyle and living in the future.She's Sam's great-grandaughter.
If I cpuld ask her 3 questions and 3 questions ONLY I would ask:
1. Why does your cats eat thumbtacks?
2. What's up with your hair?
3. If you live in 2105 how come you need glasses?
What would YOU ask Samantha?
Anyone got episode ideas? Like ideas for an episode. I've got some ideas:
The Great Depression
Revolutionary War
But that's all I've got, and those are the one's I'm writing fanfics for.
Jodie-she's the popular girl living in 2105 and a the heir of The Book.
If I could ask Jodie 3 questions, and 3 questions ONLY I would ask:
1.How did you learn how to control The Book?
2.Where did you go on YOUR first time-warp?
3.How did you get to be friends with Freddi?(No offence to her or anyone who likes her, she's one of my favorites but how would someone like Jodie be friends with a person like Freddi?)
What would YOU ask Jodie?
Fred- he's the sport maniac and not exactly "Einstein". If I could ask him three questions I would ask:
1. Where do you get your hats?
2.Why are you paler than Sam?
3.Why do you wear ALL blue?
What would YOU ask Fred?